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Monday, June 13, 2011

Nolee 18 months 2 weeks and 5 days

My how you are growing so quickly these days
You are in 2T clothing and some 3T as well

You RUN everywhere
and you have one of the cutest litle runs I've ever seen
you look like a mini little speed walker

You are funny
hiliarious actually
you can mimick most any facial expression
and do so often to get us to laugh

You loved to be tickled
and repeatedly ask us to do it again ("gain")

You love to give kisses
any type of kisses
big smooches
slobbery kisses
blowing kisses
 and just making kissey sounds

Your hair is finally long enough to put
it up in a partial ponytail
which is nice because you still won't keep barretts in
for more than 10 minutes top

Your favorite word is NO
and "uh" means yes (even though you can say "yes")

You love playing with your babies
and your sister
You guys make believe for hours
and get along most of the time

You sleep in a big girl bed
and can now climb out of your big girl bed
and do so every morning at 4:45
with a very proud big girl smile
and come in and wake us up
so you can climb into our bed

You can swing in the big girl swing
and will repeatedly request a "poosh"
and scare the crap out of me
when you lean back
and giggle

You run to me when I pick you up daycare
shouting "Mommy!"
which is the best part of everyday
then you run away when I tell you it's time to go home

You have two of the cutest dimples I've ever seen
and can con pretty much anything out of anyone
when you flash those

You like being able to do everything Lilly does

You are part monkey and climb on everything

You are getting into books more and more each day
and have even taken to "reading" them to us

You love being outside
and like swimming in Nana's pool

You have some of the best dance moves
and some amazing hip action
I can't wait to see you in action at Grant's wedding

I'm so sad that you are no longer a "baby"
but I'm so happy and excited to see you grow and learn
every day
I love seeing your face light up when you conquer something new
or your sleepy face when you first wake up
We are so blessed to have you!

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