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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swim Lessons

Well after two weeks swim lessons are coming to an end
At the begining Lilly would barely put her face in the water
and would only jump in the pool with help
and wouldn't go all the way under

Now it's like she is a totally different girl
She swims under water like a fish
and can hold her breath for 8 whole seconds
She also jumps off the edge all by herself
and goes completely under

Nolee has also improved
she puts her face in the water and blows bubbles
and will hold onto the steps and kick her feet
she has even advanced to jumping in off the edge
with Coach Dave's help

I love that we have two water babies!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lilly's Party

The party went off without a hitch
and thankfully the cake turned out this year
She had a great time
and even remembered to thank everyone :)

I made both the girls an outfit
and I got the idea here  The Super Simple Summer Dress
This lady is awesome and has so many amazing ideas
on how to repurpose and reuse old clothing
I will never throw away Scott's old shirts again!

My one attempt at craftiness for this party

Frozen strawberry cake with a frozen surprise inside!

I still can't believe she is already 4!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hay (Straw) Ride

So Lilly's 4th birthday was Friday
Let's not even start on how fast the past 4 years have flown
or how I still remember the day she was born
like it was yesterday
or how she already seems like she is 4 going on 25

One of Lilly's BIG presents this year
was from Nana & Papa "P"
Lilly has talked about hayrides for years now
but has never actually been on one
Oh there have plenty of pretend ones
with chairs, stools or whatever is handy around the house
but Friday was the day she got the real deal

We went over to Nana & Papa's to "go swimming"

Ohh and have I mentioned that the girls are in swim lessons
and Lilly now JUMPS in the pool going completely under
AND can swim without her wings??  And Nolee will stick her head under water and blow bubbles
and swims all around the pool now (with wings)??
Well that is another post entirely
but let me just say I have two fish for daughters!

After swimming we had Lilly go look around Papa's polebarn
and much to her surprise there was a hay wagon
all set up...just for her

She was so surprised
and excited...even though she acted bashful
So we all loaded up and off we went...

How cute does my prego sis look :). 

Man the scenery was perfect...
something about wheat fields just strike me as beautiful

Here is Papa in what Lilly deemed his "Farmer Hat"

Some Hay Ride Dancing

Eating ice cubes to stay cool - man was it WARM!

My nephew giving Lilly's glasses a try

Uncle Grant laughing at Scott's "Who's your Podiatrist?" Question
...more to come on that later...

Best. Hayride. Ever.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's like they were made for me

I was browsing the aisles of TJ Maxx last week
(a rare treat...especially since I was by myself)
when I ran across these coffee mugs

This one made me laugh out loud

Seriously...this is what I say to the girls
(at 6 am mind you when they get up)
on the weekends

I just thought these were too cute
and they made me want to invite my mom/sister/girlfriend over for coffee

Oh there are mornings when I definitely could use this size cup!

Watch our Garden Grow

This year's garden is getting HUGE
We've already gotten an abundance of lettuce
The cucumbers are really starting to come in
And the green beans right off the plant are wonderful

The green peppers are getting bigger daily
and we even tried one jalapeno...
and then tried to put the fire out in our mouth

We are still anxiously awaiting the rest
corn, cherry tomatoes, squash, zucchini, eggplant
onion and cabbage

It is so fun to see the girls interested in growing things themselves
They get a kick out of helping pick the veggies and
checking on them daily to see their progress

The squash is taking over...
I think we need to do a bigger garden next year

We also have pumpkins growing on the side of the house
I can't wait to see the girl's reaction to them
when they actually start to develop things that resemble pumpkins

I'm so happy we did a garden this year
and that we can use it as a learning tool
that the girls can actually touch and see :).


The girls got to go on their 1st camping trip for the season
we stayed in Uncle Grant & Aunt Brit's camper
and the girls thought the fact that the table
converted into a bed was one of the coolest things ever

It's camping...who needs utensils?

Did you know they make campfire marshmellows?
They are huge (like the size of my fist)
and when I saw them at the store I could not resist

I think they were a hit...

When we went walking around the campground
it was so weird to see that basically everyone
has an RV now.
The tents were few and far between
I remember when I was little it was amazing to see an RV
at a campground (and we all stopped to watch it roll by)
and tenting it was what everyone did
I kind of miss that...except when it was over 90 this weekend
and Uncle Grant flipped on the air in the RV :).

Friday, July 8, 2011

6 Years

Tomorrow will be 6 years to the day
...and what a fun day that was...

There was the nerves in the morning
and getting ready with friends

Then the I do's

The pictures

My personal fav

And the Dancing
Ohh the dancing

The young & old all shook the proverbial leg

In fact I think just about everyone did

There may have been a few dance offs

And the running man may have made an appearance or two

Oh and there may have been a celebratory shot of tequila
at the end of the night with this guy

I'd go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat
Love ya babe!