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Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Family Member

Well it's official
we have a new family member!

My brother's wedding was this past weekend
and it was amazing
It was a beautiful day
and the reception was held on the family farm

It was an amazing wedding
and so much fun
and we are all so happy that we can
officially call her "Aunt Brit" :).

Of course I have no pictures of the reception
I am so horrible at taking pictures
at occasions like that!

This little lady was up the next day at 6:30

And thankfully Lilly slept in until 7:30

Then it was time for clean up
I was so proud of my girls - they were great little helpers!

Lilly is pouring water out of the wine bottle "vases"...not actual wine

Then we all did this


  1. Congratulations to them!! What a cute couple :)

  2. I am so glad that everything went well and the weather was beautiful! Congrats to them!