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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sun & Fun

We had a perfect 4th weekend
The weather was beautiful all 3 days
and we played in the sun and water ALL day

We had no set in stone plans
and played the whole weekend by ear
what a nice change!

It started Friday after work
with an impromptu trip to Meijer
for something for the back deck

Even Scott can lay down in it
and was a great deal at $20!

Wish they were this nice to each other all the time :).

There was even some skinny dipping that appeared
later in the afternoon

Then Saturday it was off to the Lake
to visit friends and enjoy more sun & sand

And then we all cuddled up for movie night
Tangled - so very cute!

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  1. I love relaxing, unplanned weekends!! Enjoy the pool :)