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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hay (Straw) Ride

So Lilly's 4th birthday was Friday
Let's not even start on how fast the past 4 years have flown
or how I still remember the day she was born
like it was yesterday
or how she already seems like she is 4 going on 25

One of Lilly's BIG presents this year
was from Nana & Papa "P"
Lilly has talked about hayrides for years now
but has never actually been on one
Oh there have plenty of pretend ones
with chairs, stools or whatever is handy around the house
but Friday was the day she got the real deal

We went over to Nana & Papa's to "go swimming"

Ohh and have I mentioned that the girls are in swim lessons
and Lilly now JUMPS in the pool going completely under
AND can swim without her wings??  And Nolee will stick her head under water and blow bubbles
and swims all around the pool now (with wings)??
Well that is another post entirely
but let me just say I have two fish for daughters!

After swimming we had Lilly go look around Papa's polebarn
and much to her surprise there was a hay wagon
all set up...just for her

She was so surprised
and excited...even though she acted bashful
So we all loaded up and off we went...

How cute does my prego sis look :). 

Man the scenery was perfect...
something about wheat fields just strike me as beautiful

Here is Papa in what Lilly deemed his "Farmer Hat"

Some Hay Ride Dancing

Eating ice cubes to stay cool - man was it WARM!

My nephew giving Lilly's glasses a try

Uncle Grant laughing at Scott's "Who's your Podiatrist?" Question
...more to come on that later...

Best. Hayride. Ever.

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