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Thursday, July 21, 2011


The girls got to go on their 1st camping trip for the season
we stayed in Uncle Grant & Aunt Brit's camper
and the girls thought the fact that the table
converted into a bed was one of the coolest things ever

It's camping...who needs utensils?

Did you know they make campfire marshmellows?
They are huge (like the size of my fist)
and when I saw them at the store I could not resist

I think they were a hit...

When we went walking around the campground
it was so weird to see that basically everyone
has an RV now.
The tents were few and far between
I remember when I was little it was amazing to see an RV
at a campground (and we all stopped to watch it roll by)
and tenting it was what everyone did
I kind of miss that...except when it was over 90 this weekend
and Uncle Grant flipped on the air in the RV :).

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