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Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Dresser Makeover

On one of my weekly trips (seriously...I think I may need a support group for this addiciton)
to the Habitat for Humanity store I saw this.
I was kind of like "eh" until I saw the FREE sticker on top
then I was like "WHOO HOO"!
Who cares if it's missing 2 drawers, some pulls, is partially laminate
 - it's FREE
Seriously when I see those free stickers I get a rush of adrenaline
similiar to the kind you get when you find a fabulous deal
on killer cute shoes
I proceeded to pull it out from under a pile of junk
check out the drawers and what not
only to find out it is heavy, solid and has dovetail drawers
I double checked to make sure it wasn't mis-marked and then
called for reinforcements to get it home
It sat in my garage for a while
while I tried to determine what I wanted to do with it
I finally dragged it downstairs with the help of my hubby
I proceeded to paint it a calm green, then a burgandy and finally a cool gray
I have the hardest time making a decision on color!
I was going to use this in my craft room for storage
but then my 3 year old saw it and determined it should go in her room
So I added some pink baskets
painted the inside of the drawers pink
and now it resides in Lilly's room
and I we love it

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Friday, February 25, 2011

3 year old's take on Marriage

We have a family wedding coming up this summer
It's a "P" family wedding so it's going to be fun
The type of fun that starts with a capital F
They always are
There is one member of our family that is super excited about this one
Lilly is already asking me when it will be summer
so we can go to the wedding
She is excited because she has heard rumors of cake & dancing
I don't know how we are going to get her to wait the 4 months before it is here
We were discussing the wedding yesterday on the way home
and the following conversation took place
Lilly:  Mommy when are you and me going to get married
Me:  Honey you and I aren't going to get married, that's not how it works.
Lilly:  Well when are Nolee and I going to get married
Me:  You and Nolee aren't going to get married either...(thinking of how to explain this)...
when two people who love eachother very  much
and they are older
they can get married if they so choose
Lilly:  But I do love you and Nolee very very much
Awww how cute is she :).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 year old's take on anatomy

So I was having a conversation with Lilly the other day
while she was on the potty doing her business
and she proceeds to tell me the following..

Lilly: Mom, did you know that the food goes in my mouth
and then travels through my tummy and comes out my back butt?
Me:  (smiling) Oh really, how does it go through your tummy?
Lilly:  Well it has to twist and turn it's way around
and then...(imagine her grimacing here as she concentrates)
it has to go through some really hard wall things - that's why it hurts
and those really hard wall things are my brains.
Me:  Imagine me laughing hysterically here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Drop Cloth Curtains

I've seen drop cloth curtain DIY posts everywhere
so I figured why not give it a shot
at $17 for a 9x12 piece of canvas material
it was right up my frugal alley
Plus it was hemmed on 3 sides already (after I made my cut)
I bleached (and bleached and bleached...seriously I used a WHOLE bottle)
Added some fabric paint using a stencil
and Voila instant curtains
& I love that I can do her whole room for $32 total!
and I'll have enough material left over to do valances for 2 other windows!

 I'm already trying to think of other designs and ideas to use
drop cloth curtains in our bedroom makeover!

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Our Little Ham

Oh how I just love her little cheesy grins!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning the Hard Way

Winter is long
Long enough apparently for a 3 year old to forget somethings
Things like rules
A specific rule being that we do not run on cement
Because if we run on cement and trip and fall
Our lips end up looking like this...
Poor thing!

And Nolee can now say cheese ("eese" - which she does while smiling)
And does so whenever I get the camera out
And I just can't resist snapping another one
Of course by the time I get it on and ready she is usually walking away 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY Ugly to Cute Lamp

I bought this lamp for a $1
It was a Cream/Orange/Brass ugly mess but it was $1
If you know me it doesn't take long for you to find out I'm very frugal
and yes that is just a nice word for cheap :).
When I brought it home I got the look from my hubby
The look meaning OMG what did she bring home now
I believe there was even a comment made about it's ugliness

But with a some spray paint, a new shade, some fabric (I had) and crepe paper (I had)
she is now as cute as can be
And I believe I got a "um WOW" from the hubby
I and the best part is it perfectly matches Nolee's curtain's I made!

Happy Tuesday!

New PJ's is definitely a photo op in our house
and this is a very good example of how it goes trying to get both of them to smile at once

On a side note Nolee is now officially in 2T...sniff sniff...she is growing up way too quickly!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 New Valentine Favorites

There are so many darn cute valentine's gift ideas
Here are two of my favorites
I hope to tackle one of these this weekend


Ohh it's going to be hard to choose!!

Snow Day

Well we all know that Scott gets snow days (lucky)
but with the amazing amount of snow we got last week
even I got to stay home!

It was so nice to feel like a kid again.
We stayed nice and warm inside
Worked on projects/crafts
Watched a movie or two
And just enjoyed an extra day together as a family
It was a great day
And this was our view outside

Of course Lilly and I had to venture out and see how high the drifts really were
In some places they were up to my waist!
Too fun!

Risky Business

Now if only she would slide across the floor with some sunglasses on :). 
Happy Wednesday!