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Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Dresser Makeover

On one of my weekly trips (seriously...I think I may need a support group for this addiciton)
to the Habitat for Humanity store I saw this.
I was kind of like "eh" until I saw the FREE sticker on top
then I was like "WHOO HOO"!
Who cares if it's missing 2 drawers, some pulls, is partially laminate
 - it's FREE
Seriously when I see those free stickers I get a rush of adrenaline
similiar to the kind you get when you find a fabulous deal
on killer cute shoes
I proceeded to pull it out from under a pile of junk
check out the drawers and what not
only to find out it is heavy, solid and has dovetail drawers
I double checked to make sure it wasn't mis-marked and then
called for reinforcements to get it home
It sat in my garage for a while
while I tried to determine what I wanted to do with it
I finally dragged it downstairs with the help of my hubby
I proceeded to paint it a calm green, then a burgandy and finally a cool gray
I have the hardest time making a decision on color!
I was going to use this in my craft room for storage
but then my 3 year old saw it and determined it should go in her room
So I added some pink baskets
painted the inside of the drawers pink
and now it resides in Lilly's room
and I we love it

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  1. I am working on a curbside find dresser right now. I had it a bright turquoise. Now I am toning it down. I have a pale gray on the drawers. After that dries, I will decide if that is hat I want. It is missing 1 drawer. I have a basket to fit. Free is wonderful. I rarely pay for any furniture.

  2. Your girls are soo cute! I love your project!!! Gives me great ideas- thanks for posting!