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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practice makes perfect

So we decided to check and see if the halloween costumes fit
and of course it was just fun to play dress up
Lilly then decided they needed to practice for th big night

Meet Lilly the petite & playful pirate
& Novalee the bubbly & babbling bumblebee
the bumblebee is still working on her buzzzz
but the pirate already has down the following sayings
"Arggg Matey"
"Shiver me Timbers"
"Walk the Plank"
& thanks to my husband....
"Yo ho ho & a bottle of rum!"

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  1. so sweet. plans for thanksgiving: all of us (including paul's sister amy and her 2 kids) will be up at the camp for the entire week until monday! hope we can see you all!