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Monday, August 1, 2011


Dr. Seuss is a big hit in our house
We love the books
and they seem to be appropriate for all ages

One of Lilly's (& Nolee's) favorites is
"Hop on Pop"
which has her new favorite word at the end
"My father / can read / big words, too. / Like... / Constantinople / and / Timbuktu"

Scott has practiced with her
and they broke the word down
and now my 4 year old walks around
saying "Constantinople"
at random times of the day

So as we were driving in the car yesterday
and being the great big sister she is
Lilly determinedly tries to teach the word to Nolee...
which is how the following conversation took place

Lilly:  Nolee can you say Con
Nolee:  Ton
Lilly:  Good!  Now can you say Stan
Nolee:  Tan
Lilly:  Great!  Now say Tin
Nolee:  Tin
Lilly:  Good job Nolee!  Now say Ople
Nolee:  Ople
Lilly:  Great job!  Now say it all together

This is where Scott and I start cracking up in the front :).
I love listening to never gets old

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