You MUST Chase Your Dreams, For Your Dreams Will Not Chase You

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I just may be crazy after all

So I know that I get looks from Scott
and family members, and people I work with
(and probably people I don't even know
are looking cuz I'm too caught up in my latest find)
when I pick something up
that is crazy ugly
but I usually have a picture in my mind
of the crazy ugly things potential
So I ignore the looks
(and sometimes the urging of my husband)
and go with my gut...

which is what I just did
when I placed on online bid on this...

It's described as a hardware display shelf thing
it has 8 tiers and they all spin 360 degrees
and they come off for easy moving
(or easy painting)
and it stands 4.5 feet tall

Before you all think I'm crazy too
I bid a whopping $2
and it is local pick up
so there isn't a shipping fee

I don't know what it is for just yet
(this is the part that kills my husband)
or what color it should be
the idea is still brewing in my head
Maybe a rotating book shelf
or a craft room organizer
or something for my mom's cottage
for flip flops & sunscreen & all those beachy things
I feel like the possiblities are endless

Maybe it should be a bright red
or a pretty aqua blue
or the timeless & always good distressed white

Has anyone ever seen one of these re-done
or have any ideas?

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