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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

We've been so busy this summer
busy swimming, playing, gardening and soaking up the sun
So I haven't had too much time for projects
Plus Scott and I are carpooling during the summer
so I don't have access to a car during the day
which really cuts down on my trips to
Habitat, Thrift Stores & Home Depot

But this past week or so
I have started to clear out and finish
some things that are in the garage
which Scott is thrilled that I am freeing up
some of his "man" space

I picked up this armoire in the spring
at a garage sale for $15

It actually was in great shape
but the color didn't work with our bedroom
so I went back and forth
and re-did it at least 15 times in my head
but nothing stuck
until I remembered this picture

I tried to convince Scott that we needed to do this
in our bedroom but it didn't work out...
so I figured why not try something similar with the armoire
since it is going in our bedroom!

I gave it a good washing
and opted not to prime or sand
because I wanted it to look OLD when I was done
and kind of junky...but pretty junky

I got out my handy blue tape and went to work

I didn't measure my strips
because I was okay with it being a bit wonky
and remember I was doing this in between
swimming, gardening & sun soaking
so that was going to take way too much time

I decided on yellow, blue and white
and just kind of put them on as I went
no organized plan this time - I was just winging it

And no I didn't paint the inside
I had an idea which meant you wouldn't see it
so I figured why bother

It was a bit too bright
and a bit too blue for my taste
so I dry brushed some white on the top & sides
and glazed the entire thing
then I white washed it
then I sanded the entire thing within
an inch of it's life

then I loved it

I spray painted the hardware & wire white

then I added some drop cloth behind the wire
to help hide that green
& our clothes
that don't always stay stacked up
nice and neat

I used a staple gun to attach the drop cloth
and then covered up the rough edges
with extra pieces and hot glue

It adds just enough color to our room

It also has a second use

Lilly's Father's Day gift she made at Daycare
is proudly displayed

I love how old & beachy it looks

Only one project left to go in the garage!

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  1. This cupboard is just too cute! Love the stripes and the distressing!

  2. I absolutely love this cupboard. You did a great job! The colors make me want to go to the beach.

  3. This turned out beautiful and I love how you finished it! I love that room too that you shared and tried the same thing with my such luck either. :)
    Enjoy your new piece and have a great week!

  4. Great idea, I've been thinking about painting stripes on my next project. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Gayle from Vintage Farmhouse