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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gazebo Goodness

Well the gazebo is up and I have to say I think this is really going to enhance our summer experience.  No more hot tootsies and a nice shaded place to dine al fresco or just relax with an ice cold lime flavored beverage :)

We got our gazebo at Menard's and I have to say that the assembly was pretty smooth.  There was actually a pretty good storm last night with some decent amount of winds (seriously the day after we put it up - right!?!) and it held up.  We bolted that thing down to the deck to make it a bit sturdier (and in hopes it wouldn't blow away in the wind!).  So far I like it, but I'm holding off on my final review of it after I see how it holds up during the summer.

Our patio furniture fits quite nicely under there.  I'm going to keep my eye ope for a fun colored outdoor rug to add a little color. 

It's quite tall so it feels very airy and not closed it at all.  The side panels are netting that come together and zip, so essentially we have a screened in (hopefully mosquito free) room to enjoy the summer nights in as well.

I love how it makes our deck feel more like an extended room off the house.  At our old house we had a covered back patio and we used it so much (and I had a ton of fun decorating it).  I forgot how nice it was to have that outdoor space with a semi indoor feeling.

And here is Scott photo bombing :).  This photo makes it seem like our yard is really coming together and that it should just be about time for us to sit back, relax and enjoy our hard work...until I back up further and take this photo...

Or go even further and take this one...

Yikes!!  We still have a lot of work to do (and a TON of grass seed to buy) but at least we have a nice place to sit and take a break every once it a while now :).  Oh and the pool is scheduled to go in on if you are in the area and would like to give us a hand come on over!!  We'll provide the beverages, my kids will surely provide the entertainment and we'll even have a cool place for you to kick back when it's all done :)!


  1. A gazebo's purpose is to provide shade and a relaxing place outside of the house. It’s a great thing that you bolted it down and, hopefully, it won’t collapse during harsh seasons. Anyway, how did it hold up during summer and winter? It sure is nice to hang out there once your backyard is full with plants. =)

    Leah Clay

    1. Leah,

      So far the gazebo base (i.e. the poles, etc.) have held up wonderfully to the harsh summer sun and the mounds of snow we got this year. The actual awning (which we took down in late fall so it will last longer) did get a few minor tears in it due to high winds. I'm hoping that I can easily repair them prior to putting it back up this spring summer. I'm excited to set it all up again this summer AND have see the green of my grass again :).