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Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Pretend Birthday!!

Since Lilly has a summer birthday, she got to celebrate her pretend birthday last week at preschool.  Each kid gets a whole birthday week where they get to be line leader and other neat little things that just make them feel special all week long.

At the end of the week the birthday kid gets to bring in a snack and birthday songs are sung.  I got off of work early to take the snack and see all the celebrations.  It was absolutely so cute to see her interact with the other kids. 

I snapped a few pictures of the "birthday girl" and her cupcake cake.  I would love to fib and say I made the cake, but I actually grabbed it at Meijer.  Who knew they carried such cute things there!?!  Oh and that's Lilly pointing to the specific cupcake that we were saving to take home to Nolee.  She wanted to make sure Nolee got the biggest pink one there was - how sweet is that :).

How crazy is it that we have an almost 5 year old!?!  Oh how the time sure does fly.  Happy pretend Birthday Lilly!!

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