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Monday, May 14, 2012

Holy Busy Weekend Batman!

Wow was this one jam packed weekend or what!?!  Friday I was home with Lilly as she had the flu (yes I'm not kidding).  Poor little thing lost 2 whole lbs over the whole ordeal, which is significant when your entire body weight is 36lbs!  Thankfully by Sunday her appetite was back and so was her energy level.  We are also very thankful that Nolee didn't end up getting it.  

Saturday we went to our favorite flower place, Talsma Farms.  I got to pick out all our hanging baskets & annuals for the flower pots.  The girls & Scott tackled picking out all the vegetables for the garden.  I'm so excited to have fresh veggies again this year - especially the green beans.  I don't know what it is about eating green beans right off the plant but it's one of my favorite summer memories. 

We got all the flower pots put together (we did 12 this year!) and I even was able to get the entire garden hoed, weeded and planted too.  Scott was super busy doing pool stuff.  He dug the trenches for the drainage tile and let me tell you those were some deep & long trenches (and his back is still feeling it!).  I helped by raking the area where we put the extra dirt to even out our yard.  I may or may not have given up (and possible pouted over my 3 blisters) after about 20 minutes of attempting to rake the cement like ground.  Seriously I had to use the rake as a pick axe/sledge hammer to break up the ground - then rake it and lets not go into how many stones we have in our backyard.  I still confused as to how we ever grew grass back there before. 

Here is one of the trenches already dug and filled in

And here he is working on the other

It is slowly but surely looking like it's ready :)

Then Sunday Scott continued the drainage tile digging and I stained the entire deck by myself.  Let me tell you that thing is so much quicker to stain when you are only doing the bottom. 

We also picked up a gazebo for half the deck as that sucker gets HOT with the sun beating down on it all day.  To the point where the girls burn their little tootsies when walking on it.  Hopefully by the time I get home tonight it will be dry and we can put it together and maybe even sit back & relax it it for a bit :).

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