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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bear in the Pool!!!

"There's a BEAR in our pool!!"

This is what I heard at 6:30 yesterday morning as Scott came running into our room.  I tell you what - that comment will having you jumping up from a dead sleep no matter who you are.  Now what he actually said was "Bear is in our pool" in our neighbor's dog named Bear.

Apparently the friendly girl decided she needed to go for a morning dip and seeing how Scott finished that nice deck (swear I will take some pictures of it someday soon) that you can literally walk right into our pool from, our pool was the perfect place to do some morning laps.

Actually Bear is deathly afraid of water and we are guessing that she thought it was a solid surface what with the solar cover on it and all. She was so scared we couldn't even coax her out - she just kept swimming in circles.  Scott had to jump in (guess it's a bit nippy at 6:30 in the morning after we've had 49 degree nights too) and physically lift her out.  I'm pretty sure this whole ordeal is not going to help her get over her fear of water.

Thankfully we have a gate we can close...which was meant to keep out our girls/neighbor kids for safety purposes, but we can now add dogs to that list :).

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  1. That would definitely wake anyone up! I am glad it wasn't a real bear! :) I have noticed that when animals are afraid or stressed, they can't think as they normally would! {I relate to this!} It was very good of your husband to go into the water to fetch her, that sounds like it was freezing! And congratulations on your nice deck, they make such a difference to a home! Someday we are going to get around to that, too! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful week, and that you have a great day!