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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Outdoor Sectional

Well it arrived!  To be more exact it arrived on Father's Day and my awesome hubby said "sure let's go pick it up and put it together until 9:30 at night after we've been on the go all day long on Father's Day no less".   Of course that's not exactly what he said but that's pretty much how it went down.  I want to say though I totally gave him the option to just sit and relax but he really did say we should just go get it.

So on Father's Day he put together our new grill and the sectional.  It was pretty straight forward on how to put it together but it was definitely easier with 2 people.  The good news is we are DONE.  Done as in sit back and relax because there is no more projects on the horizon (well at least for the remainder of the summer...or at least the remainder of June :).  I'm sure Scott has some more outdoor things he wants to get done but they just might be moved until next year.  The grass is coming in really well, our garden is blooming, the pool is up to 84 degrees and the deck & sectional are the perfect place in my mind to relax and soak it all in.

We still might pick up a couple more pillows for pops of color & another side table (totally just remembered I saw this bright green one at TJ Maxx...I swear I have a sickness) but I'm not in any hurry (I know my husband will roll his eyes when he reads that).

I've even thought of spray painting the plastic Adirondack chair in the corner a fun color but I'm a little afraid of how it will hold up...apparently I have finally found something I'm afraid to paint.  Maybe I'll just throw a bright pillow on it or something.

I love this fun pillow.  We snagged it at Kohl's for $12.

Don't mind my nasty least my toenails are painted :).  I love the view we have into the woods here.  It really is one of the most beautiful spots on in our yard (although you may get eaten alive by the mosquitoes once dusk hits).

No we don't have a large grey snake in the pool - that's the vacuum.  I tell you what, cleaning/upkeep on the pool is a daily thing but since I can do it while being in the pool it's a chore I'm happy to undertake.

Oh and under strict guidance from Lilly we pushed the ottomans into the center of the sectional last night and found out all 4 of us can fit comfortably laying down - which of course led to pleas from 2 little girls that we sleep out there all night long - guess it's a hit :).  

So far I am very impressed with the sectional - especially seeing how it was a Walmart special.  I figure we will probably try to take the pillows in when it rains to prolong their life (although they do dry very quickly after the girls sit on them in their wet suits - like 10 minutes quick) and obviously it will be stored inside for the winter months.  I'm crossing my fingers that it holds up as well as our dining table (which was a Meijer special).  It's definitely not a fancy schmancy sectional, but that's okay because we aren't fancy schmancy people.  

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  1. we are currently thinking about buying this sectional from walmart. how has it held up?? thanks :)