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Friday, August 10, 2012

Rogers Fest

We headed up to Rogers City last weekend for the yearly festival.  There were rides, crafts, air shows, car shows, beautiful beaches, quarries, hobo roasts, beer tents and parades.

I was a tad bit surprised that Nolee wanted to do the dinosaur ride but she showed no fear.

Well until the ride started...then she did this the ENTIRE time.  She never cried though and we were shouting encouragement from the side and telling her how good she was doing.

After the ride was over she was all "Oh that - that was easy.  Let's do it AGAIN!".

We could only do about 4 rides before the stifling heat drove us to the beach.  It was around 95 without the humidity so the beach was the perfect place to go take in the air show.

Lake Huron was actually warm for once too.  The girl had a blast in the waves and up on the beach.  Scott and I sat in awe watching the blue angels air show (I have never been to an air show before) - so very cool!

Some of us got sand in places that don't usually see the light of day.

And all of us definitely had a great time :).

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