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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Big Party

Every year we have all the fam-dam-ily over for birthday parties.  There's kids running around, singing, catching up, yummy food and smiles all around.  We did a hot dog bar this year and it was so good - I lost count of how many different ones I tried - lets just say I was beyond uncomfortably full and that was before I stuffed in some cupcakes :).

Nolee made a special request to hold her cousin Grayden - she absolutely loves babies

Here's the birthday girl blowing out her cupcake...she made sure she had the one with the most sprinkles.

Then she volunteered to hand out cupcakes to everyone else first before she even took a bite of hers.

Of course when that was all said and done she was ALL about her cupcake.

And Logan followed suit.

Nolee is our neat eater and took teeny tiny bites making sure she didn't get any on herself.

Here's Mr. Blake - he is always so bright eyed and happy.

Lilly was determined to make birthday hats for all the guests.  All.By.Herself  She did a pretty good job with just a few pipe cleaners and her imagination.

After presents it was time to pelt the birthday girl with water balloons!

And if you aren't old enough for water balloon fights...we put diapers on your head.

Don't worry Grayden I'll totally save this picture for your graduation ;).

Then it was POOL time!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lilly Mae!!

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