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Friday, January 28, 2011

And now the chair

So this is what we started with.  $7.50 at Salvation Army and totally stuck in the 70's.

After some paint we were getting there.

Next I had the tackle the cushion (this is SCARY to me).
This was my first attempt at sewing a cushion.
Funny thing...apparently I gave myself waaay too much seam allowance
and the cushion turned out a bit bigger (okay a freaking lot) than the old one
So what's a girl to do...start over (never)...nope I just stuffed that puppy
with more foam inserts and poly fill until I could stuff no more, then sewed it shut
and called it a night.  It's a bit puffier than the old one, but you know what
it's comfy as all get out!

The best thing - my husband looked at the cushion and actually said "wow, I'm impressed
how did you know how to do that?"
Thanks honey!

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  1. Wow, that is so beautiful and summery. It makes me want to sit on a wraparound porch, and sip iced tea, while sitting in it!