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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conversations with a 3 year old...

Up at Camp (upstairs bathroom)...
Me:  "Lilly let's go potty"
Lilly:  "Mommy how come there are 2 seats?"
Me:  "In case there are a lot of people here, two people can go at once"
Lilly:  "And then when we are done you can wash you hands in one sink
and I can wash my hands in the other!"
Me:  (only after I stopped laughing) 
"Um no Lilly, only one of those is a sink, the other is a urinal."

In the car...
Lilly:  "Mom why are there so many trees?"
Me:  "Well because trees grow everywhere."
Lilly:  "Like up in the clouds?"
Me:  "No I don't think any trees grow up in the clouds"
Lilly:  "No, like in the clouds where giants live (Jack and the Bean Stalk)."
Me:  "Oh well that is different, I suppose there are trees there"
Lilly:  "Mommy how do we get to the clouds?"
Me:  "I don't know Lilly, how do you think we get to the clouds?"
Lilly:  "Well we have to take a straight road, then a twisty one, then 2 more straight roads,
it's right next to Chucky Cheese."

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