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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Learned something new this weekend....

So we took our weekly trip to town this weekend
seriously we get stir crazy so we have to get out
even if it's just to look (yeah like that really happens)

Anywho we went into town after lunch
since Nolee is down to one nap a day now
didn't think twice about it
and even dressed the girls in their new matching coats

See how cute they looked!

Well Nolee looked a bit different by the time we came home
I didn't take a picture as I was a little busy
cleaning PUKE off of everything
her cute new coat
the entire carseat
my scarf (which I used to wipe her poor face with)
my entryway where we stripped the poor kid down

I'm not sure if it was a bug or if she gets car sick
I so hope it was a bug because I do not want to make that a weekly occurance
I never knew her stomach could hold that much
heck I didn't know an adult's stomach could hold that much

Anyway now we've made a family rule to wait for lunch to settle before heading out in the car!

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