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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dreaded Question...

So Lilly had to go to the Dr yesterday.  It was a follow up because
she was born with a hole in her heart.  Not a big hole, but a small one that they
needed to observe and watch.  When I spoke with the receptionist on the phone
she said they would do an EKG (stickers) and possibly an unltrasound (jelly).
So trying to be a good mom I was talking to Lilly about the procedures
on the way over there.  I told her they would put stickers on her chest
to listen to her heart.  I told her they might also put jelly (could not think of a better
description) on her chest and then put a wand on her and move it around.
I told her if they did this we would get to see her heart on the monitor.
I told her how it was the same procedure that Mommy went through when
her and Nolee were in my belly.  I talked it up, saying how neat it
was to be able to see them move around when they were still in my belly.

I don't know why I didn't see this coming...she sat there for a few second contemplating
and thinking of what I had just told her.  Then she asks in her most serious 3 year old voice.
"But Mommy how did we get in there?"
CRAP (my actual first thought)
"Well honey when two people love eachother and are married
if they choose to, they make babies together (thinking this was
a pretty good non-specifc explanation...actually thought I was doing pretty good here).
"No, Mommy, how did we get in your belly?"
Thankfully we started to talk about how a baby gets fed while in their Mommy's tummy
and just kind of bipased a true explanation.
Then she proceeds to tell me this.
"Mommy did you know babies are naked in your tummy"
(smiling) "Yes honey I did know that"
"Well don't they get cold?"
"No honey, they stay nice and warm and are protected by their mommies"
"Well what if you open your mouth really big on a cold day,
then I bet they would get cold"
This kid cracks me up!!!

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