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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I was driving the girls home from Daycare yesterday
and we started to talk about the weather

First let me tell you that Lilly
is extremely excited for summer this year
We have a family wedding
which she is in
and her birthday falls in the summer
and she will be 4
which is the magic number
because that means she can go to school
in the fall
so needless to say she is quite anxious
for this summer

And she also has made it a habit
to crawl into our bed in the morning
and watch the weather with Daddy

So I asked the girls what they did at daycare
and Lilly informed me that they only
played outside in the morning
because it was too windy in the afternoon
We talked about how nice it was this Sunday
it was 86 and we were all wearing shorts
and played outside ALL DAY LONG
and how we can't wait for more days like that

Then Lilly asks
"Mommy, how come the weather man never says it's summer?"
Because we live in Michigan baby
and this is the state where
we can get 4 inches of snow one weekend
have it be 86 and beautiful the next weekend
and then have a forecast for more snow this weekend
Come on weather man
please hurry up and say it is summer!

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