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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Way to Make Easy Signs

I saw a new way to make signs online the other day
(for the life of me I can't find where now)
and I decided I had to give it a try
It's even easier than the method I used on my EAT sign

I printed out my phrase in Word in the font & size I wanted
Grabbed a board I had sitting out in the garage
(after I spray painted two coats of white on it)

Then I turned the letters around and used a pencil
to shade all over the back of the them 

Then I flipped my letters back over
placee them where I wanted on my board
(still wondering if this would work on walls too...)
and traced/outlined my letter on the paper with the pencil
When I was done and lifted my paper up
I had an outline of my letters
(if you enlarge the picture you can see it better)

Then I just filled in the letters with my paint

And then I sanded it down gently to mask any mistakes I made :)

And that's it!
I know this has probably been around for ages
but it's new to me and I'm so happy I found it
since a Sillhoutte is probably not in my near future :)

Oh and this is what we saw outside our back window last night

Yup that's hail/sleet/rain mixture
Come on Spring - please hurry up!!

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