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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple Sign

I have been wanting to make this EAT sign for weeks now
but I was stuck on how to do the letters
I am in no way artistic enough to hand paint them
and I didn't want to use vinyl if I was just going to rip it off
to get the effect I wanted - seemed like a waste
So yesterday I happened to come across this idea
print out the letters on a regular printer
cut them out with an exacto knife
and glue them on your board with a glue stick.
Say what!?!  It couldn't be that simple could it?
I figured it was totally worth a try
especially since I actually had all the materials lying around at home
I don't know why but I have always wanted to say that
maybe that is why I can't resist picking up junk treasures
here and there and apparently starting a
collection of spray paint (and wall paint and craft paint)
see honey I did it all for a reason!

Anyway I had this board out in the garage
So I brought it in, cleaned it up and glued on my letters
and started my painting process

I put a few layers on each section to get the look I wanted
there was no ryhme or reason to how I went about it
just kind of made it up as I went

Then I peeled off the letters (and they came off so easy!)
and holy crow it worked!

I then sanded it to get the look I wanted and that's it
A handmade sign in under 30 min

I think I gotta get a fork...that knife just isn't doing it for me...

So easy!!  The wheels are already turning on other ones I could do!


  1. Your did a great job. I love making things out of what I can find at the house.

  2. Ok, I love Signs and this is awesome.. I love the rustic feel and the spoon and knife attached to it. Well done!!! I have to head out to my garage and look for some old wood.