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Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday Nights

I remember when I was younger
and didn't have kids
we used to whoop it up on the weekends
We'd have people over, go to the bar
stay up until 3 in the morning
and feel like crap by Sunday

Now this is what my Friday evenings look like

My 1 glass of wine

An old picture frame mat and craft paint

Some yummy cheese cake to go with the wine
Hey it's in the cheese family!

Some scrapbook paper
and my absolute favorite Winnie the Pooh quote
(Well actually it's Christopher Robin who said it)

Put them together and I have a new piece of "art" for Nolee's room

And I felt great the next morning at 6:30
when I woke up to Lilly's face 2 inches from mine
and she asked me if it was morning yet
How can you not smile when you are woke up like that :).
Don't miss those old days at all!

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