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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Days Ago

It has been a total of 3 whole days
(okay not even)
since my darling hubby painted our entire dining room
and hallway
and I still can't get used to the color

He hates when I even bring up the subject
and I don't blame him
I know that once we get things back up on the wall
it will help tone it down
and I should wait until then to
make a final decision
(even though I did agree to keep it up for 5 years
so someone has a very valid argument
that there is no final decision to be made here)

But...on lunch I went and looked
just looked mind you
at pricing for possibly doing board and batten
because these pictures make me drool

 Found at: Our Subarbuan Cottage

Found at:  Garden Web

In attempt to correct this in the least expensive way
I found lattice trim for 38 cents/linear foot (the vertical pieces)
and chair rail for 54 cents/linear foot (the horizontal pieces)
I also stopped at the Habitat Restore
and found the following

The swatches are from Home Depot
Behr Premium Plus
Misty Morn on the right
Urban Mist on the left

This is a full can of Benjaminn Moore paint
in Billowly Down
it is very much between the two swatches I have
and $5 for the gallon

This is a semi full can of paint for $2
(can't rmember the brand...but I think it may have been Behr)
in a minty greenish blue

So tonight I need to sit down with the hubby
admit I was wrong
and that he was right
and see where we go from here
re-paint, tone it down with board & batten, or (gulp) live with it
and completely assure him that whatever solution we come up with
he is NOT picking up a paint brush
or roller

Ever wish you had a time machine to go back to the
paint store 3 days ago?

1 comment:

  1. I already told you that I absolutely LOVE the color you chose. I love the way the white pieces pop and agree with the idea to do larger black and white photos on the large wall.
    The board and batten is also very attractive, but I'd enjoy it as is for a while and then think about putting that up.
    However - you're going to do what you want anyway, so do these opinions really matter ;-)