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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nolee is 18 months old

Nolee is now 18 months old
How in the heck did that time fly by so fast!?!

Thought it might be neat to list how/where she is at
for the grandparents
for know when she can eventually read and blogs have went the way of VCR tapes
for us when we look at our "big girl" so we can rememeber when
so without further adue...

Nolee 18 month old stats:

Weight:  26 lbs
Height:  32 inches
HC:  19 3/4 inches

You are very very close to being potty trained
and only wear diapers (size 3) when you take a nap and at bedtime

Your favorite word is probably a toss up between potty & Charlie

You cheer for Lilly, Mommy & Daddy when we go potty

You are starting to be able to say your name
"Noooh Lee"

You tell your sister, Mommy, Daddy and even our dog Charlie
"No, no"
and shake your finger at us

Your wiggling butt dance has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen

You say "Bye Bye" for goodbyes & hellos
(kind of like aloha)

You still sleep in a crib as you are all over the place at night

You are eating by yourself and occasionally use your fork/spoon
as more than just a prop

You are walking/running all over the place
and if we take our eyes off for your for a second
you are gone
but we can usually find you
in the bathroom
playing in the water the toilet

You sleep through the night and take one nap a day

You are really starting to love books
especially the naming/words ones

You have 4 top teeth & 4 bottom teeth
and have 2 molars popping through
with 2 more close behind

You have such a fun and easy going temperment
unless your sister is picking at you
because in that case you scream
very loudly

You have the ability to make us laugh & smile every day
You make us so proud and we only wish
you would stop growing up so quickly

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