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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bedtime Routines & Giggles

So we have pretty set bedtime routines for our kids
Bath, brush our teeth and hair
read a couple of books, and sing a song
then we lay them down to fall asleep on their own

I was going through the routine with Nolee
the other night and as we were singing our song
"Hush Little Baby"
she picks her head off my shoulder and looks right into my eyes
and starts giggling
this cute little uncontrollable giggle
that was very catching
she'd giggle
I'd giggle
It is very hard to sing a song while giggling by the way

So after we finished our giggles and song
I laid her down in her bed
and she very decidedly looks up at me
and points to me
then points forcefully towards to the wall separating our bedrooms
I know sometimes it's hard to have a conversation with an 18 month old
but I'm pretty darn sure mine just told me to go to bed...

I so love ending the nights with laughs & smiles

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