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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Decisions & Congestion

So for the past 5 days
at least someone in our house has been sick
First it was the Influenza A that has been going around
Then it's the lingering congestion
and upper respiratory infection
that we just got over and is now back
Then to top it all of
we rushed to urgent care on Friday
with a horrible ear infection
that had my 3 year old in tears
Let me just say that one of the worst thing
in the world to see your kids
sick and not be able to just take the pain away

Luckily I have not gotten it as worse
as everyone else
but have been busy doling out medicine
doing laundry, wiping noses
and wishing my kisses worked magic

I have however made a decision
on the color for the dining room walls
Let's just say that it is not the safest choice
and I had to promise my husband
it was staying that color for the next 5 years
which means if I change my mind
I'm re-painting it myself...

One of my daughter's favorite movies
is The Bridge to Teribithia
(great movie by the way...but kind of sad)
in that movie there is a scene
where they paint a room this awesome
goldish yellow color
and when the sun strikes it
it just lights up
That is what I'm aiming for in the dining room

I'm hoping since the sniffles have finally subsided
(or at least under control)
that we can start painting tonight
after the girls go to bed

I'm excited...and a little nervous
I would totally hate to admit the hubby was right...

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