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Friday, March 11, 2011

Garage Sale Find to Book shelf

I've seen these at pottery barn kids
Collector's Shelves
and I love them
I do not love the price of $39-$59

So I happened to have picked up 2 of these at a garage sale
last year for $5 for the both of them
(well not this exact one...I of course just didn't stop
to take a picture of mine before I started...but you get the idea)
Picture of a Decorative Wall Mounted Shelf, Country Style, Oak Wood, 24 inches

So when I spied them in the garage under a pile
of junk odds & ends bought with the best of intention
I started thinking...
Then I ran over to our local habitat for humanity restore and
picked up a 4ft piece of skinny trim for $1.25
and a larger piece of pine trim for $2.50
since the air nail gun scares the bejeezes out of me
I asked my hubby to nail them together
which took a total of 6 min
I added some bright spray paint from my supply
 and now we have these

By the way I did not ask Lilly to pose
she did the whole Vanna White thing on her own

Of course we had to have one for Nolee's room too.

Check out that cheesy grin!

I love that she can reach them herself

I am absolutely loving these new bookshelves
The girls get to display their favorites
and I have read that kids actually read more
when you display books like this
I am also loving the fact that they cost me a total of
$8.75 for both

I'm thinking I will look for more shelves at garage sales
this year, and maybe do more of these
in their playroom!

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  1. Very cute shelves, the colours are lovely, I might try this for my boys room, thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute and creative! :)


  3. You really are great with color. I love the blue and the pink. So fun and fresh. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cute! I need those too for my kiddos rooms