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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purple top?!?

Since we have bought our dining table/chairs and buffet
I have been hard at work every night
after the girls go to bed
The buffet is almost done
and less than a week after we got it!

The top is laminate and unfortunately not stainable
I really wanted the white/cream bottom
with a dark stained top
So I figured I would try painting it instead
I've seen this a few places and it actually looks pretty nice

I have used rustoleum spray paint
on most all my projects
but I have never tried their brushable latex paints
but when I saw this I thought it was the perfect glossy brown
so I figured I'd give it a shot

After one coat this is what it looks like
a very nice purplish color 

I wasn't aiming for purple
I'm not sure if the can had the wrong color in it
or if this is how one coat of this is supposed to look
to me it looks very thin for a first coat as well

Has anyone else ever run into this problem with this paint?
I'm thinking of trying to return it
I'm going to try the second coat tonight and hope that I see
a big difference as I was not going for the purple look

One good thing was that it dried very quickly
so if I must do numerous coats it
shouldn't take too terribly long


  1. I have never used rustoleum brushable paint but I do think several coats may make the difference. Did you prime the piece? It looks like the paint is sitting on the top and not grabbing the surface.

  2. The more coats you put on, the browner it will look. Purple is just probably one of many colors they used to make it the color it was meant to be, and occasionally, with just the one coat, those undertones show through a lot more than they would with several coats. I can't wait to see the finished project, it looks great so far! :)

  3. I tried this exact product and found it be unwieldy. I went to a "high hide" latex from Lowes instead. They can color match