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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Right place at the right time??

So there is a local website that I check on a daily basis
and usually only adds fuel to my furniture renovation ideas
It is like a local ebay
Just like on the movie 40 Year Old Virgin
This guy Steve has a shop in town
and sells his stuff online
You can go in and look at items
but you must bid on them online to actually purchase/win them
Some of the stuff is definitely not even worth the $1 starting bid
but other items are great deals
He has sold an Ethan Allen table in the past for $40
Solid wood dining chairs for a $1 each
it all just depends on how high the bid gets
each item starts at $1 and goes up by $1 intervals
for the week the items are listed

Anyway today I went to pick up my winnings
a magazine rack and metal trivet and plaque holder for a total of $3.81
I was a little miffed because I lost out on the
full bed frame that I wanted by 25 cents
it went for a total of $32.25 and is easily worth 3 times that
pretty isn't it

When I got there there was an older gentleman picking up his stuff
We got to talking and I found out he does this for a living
As in I was talking to a actual "Picker"
By the way I love love love the show American Picker's
What a fun job
Meeting new people, hearing new stories and finding treasures

As I was chatting up my new hero
I noticed an old sewing machine in the back
that I knew had been listed a few weeks ago
I asked Steve about it and
the sewing machine, plus the 4 boxes, chair
nightstand, mirrors, globes and other
items sitting in that corner
were all from one buyer who hadn't paid
and hadn't returned any phone calls
Steve had already paid the sellers
He said he was going to have to relist them
and would probably end up losing money
It was at that point my new hero spoke up
and said if he could buy some of the items
at the winning bid price he would take them off
of Steve's hands
I of course chimmd right in and said I
would help him out and take a look too

I dove right in
dress clothes and all and started picking through the boxes
I took a closer look at the sewing machine
the top needs some work for sure

but look at what was hiding inside!


and the doors open on the front
How pretty is this?!?


The bidder had won it at a total of $15.50
I told Steve I would happily take it off his hands
along with these two items as well


This mirror is freaking heavy and HUGE
and is going to look amazing over my buffet in my new dining room
which is all still in my head - but hey I have to start somewhere
and for $5 I figured it was a good place to start!

And I am so excited about this one

Do you know how hard it is to explain to a 3 year old that the earth is round
without a visual aid?
I can't wait to show Lilly this
Now she will know where the moon goes when it goes to "bed"
It was a little more than my cheapo self usually spends
but at $11 I figured it was a good investment
We had a globe when I was little and I used to look at
that thing all the time.

The best part is my new hero
kept double checking to make sure
I was going to buy the globe and sewing machine
I truly think he wanted them
Maybe I actually know what I'm doing
or at least it made me feel that way so I'm going with it

Now if the winning bidder for the bed would just not pay...

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