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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Front Porch

Since starting this blog I have never
shared any real pictures of our front porch
or really any outside area of our home

This is what it looked like the day we took our first tour

When we first moved into our house
we completely concentrated on renovating the inside
and the outside areas were just pushed aside until "later"
You see when we closed on our house
I was 8 1/2 months pregnant
and in full crazy nesting mode
I was convinced to make it a "home"
prior to Nolee's debut

So in about a 2 week time span
we primed & painted every room on the main level (minus the living room)
Totally should have taken pictures of me
and my giant belly scooting around edging all the trim
ugh my back is starting to ache just thinking of that

We pulled up the nasty stained carpet
because I seriously had nightmares
about my newborn baby crawling all over
who knows what was ingrained in the old stuff
...cuz newborns can crawl you know
so we had new put down
and got new furniture for the front living room
...because we had to have it

Luckily for us our family was wonderful
and helped out so much
otherwise it would not have gotten completed in time
and being the wonderful gal she is,
Nolee made her debut just a few
days after the furniture arrived
(you do not even want to know how much I stressed
that she would arrive before the furniture...crazy I know)

Anyway we did eventually start working on the outside
and boy did it need a TON of work

We started out with neglected overgrown plants
and the plant beds consisted of sand/dirt a few rocks and an abundance of weeds

Slowly but surely we have been hacking away at our "list"
staining the decks (yes that was plural) was at the top of the list
and that was done last year
and after finally getting mulch and some new plants
this past weekend the outside is now starting to reflect
"us" a little more.

I love driving up to our house now
and of course I feel a sense of pride that we did that
...and our neighbors tend to shun us less ;).
They may even feel inclined to come and sit on the porch and visit!

Look no dirt!

still need to get landscaping stones (or something)
for under the back deck

Ahh we've come a long way in under 2 years
it will be fun to see how much changes in the next 2 years
(I think I just heard my husband groan...and he is at work
15 miles away from me)

Ohhh and I've just gotta use these as outside lights somewhere!
How stinkin cute are they!

Outdoor Lighting
Better Homes & Gardens


  1. Those candles are extremely cute, Saby! Where did you placed those, anyway? I’m sure my cousin will love that idea because she is so fascinated with creative crafts. In fact, she recently bought glass jars, etched them, and transformed them into outdoor lights. :)

    - Allison Shallenberger

  2. Allison,

    That sounds really cute! There are so many cute crafts and diy projects out there it is hard to choose :). I haven't had a chance to get the candles up yet, but hopefully will be able to get them on the back deck this summer.