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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Plank Wall is Up!

Okay so I'm jumping on the plank bandwagon
and I couldn't be more giddy!

I've been eyeing all the beautiful plank walls I see out there
horizontal, vertical, wide, skinny, oh all the choices

Here are a few of my inspiration pictures

bedrooms - white walls planks white black pillows gray silk pillows rustic bed  Michael Graydon Photography.   white gray black bedroom design

We went back and forth on horizontal vs vertical
until I read somewhere that if you do it vertically you may run into problems
because not all the planks will be up against a stud
and may not be up there very securely
So horizontal it was
Then we needed to decide what to use
I priced out mdf, 1 by boards of pine (in various sizes)
and it seemed the pine would be the least expensive
but it was still going to be around $130
for one wall
and we weren't sure how to handle where the 1 by boards
would butt up against the door casing
and the baseboard
So the whole idea was just kind of put on the back burner
until we could figure things out...
until I walked into the restore and saw this

Each piece was 8ft long and 4.5 inches wide (or close to) and about 1/8 in thick
I had no idea what it was
I just knew it was perfect for our plank walls
and it was 70 cents each
I priced out how many pieces we would need
and came up with a total of $28 for the entire wall
Hot diggity dog!
I did check with my husband first
but as soon as I got the okay
I wrangled a coworker into meeting me there
so we could load my find into his truck

Once it was home
and the girls were in bed
we set up our workstation

and started planking our accent wall
(oh and I am so happy Nolee can sleep through the finishing nailer!)
We put it up leaving little gaps between each board
but not between the rows...
well after we got to about here 

I started thinking we needed to leave gaps between the rows too
to achieve the look we were going for...
so I pulled it all off and we started again
a pain in the butt, but I'm so glad we did

Much better
We used the thickness of one of the boards
as our measurement in between rows
and after about 3 hrs of holding our measurement board
I looked at the back and guess what
all this stuff is toe board
which my husband informed me is for the bottom of kitchen/bathroom cabinets
I don't know why, but it was really bugging me not know what it was

Oh and I got to learn how to use the saw
and this

I love learning how to use new tools!

So after about 5 hours of total work
we have this 

We still have to prime and paint, but it is up
I actually like this look but it doesn't go with
the look we are going for in our room
It feel very urban to me
and I don't know why but I think it
would make an awesome backdrop for a picture

So there you have it
our own version of the plank wall for $28!



  1. love it. i have been wanting to do a wall in ryan's room out of barn board. :) also, i couldn't help but notice the shutters in the background picture at the you know you can make a great table out of those...put some legs on it and put the table behind a couch to separate a room, and viola! (saw it on Nate him) haha.

  2. Saby, it looks fantastic! You guys did such a wonderful job on it! And you're right, if someone wanted the modern take on plank walls, it could actually work as is. Don't be surprised if you start a whole new trend just by showing these pictures! :) I just love that you did for so little, too! Amazing! I can't wait to see it when you are done painting, and thanks for showing a preview!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)