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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The BIG gift

When we moved into our house
our wonderful neighbors
asked if we wanted their old playset
as their kids were getting older

The only stipulation was that
the neighbor kids could play on it
whenever they wanted to
not a bad deal if you ask me

So we moved it
(with their help)
and stained it to match our deck
added a couple swings
and left it at that

Our girls love it
and can spend hours out there
the only problem was that
Nolee is actually able to climb up to the second level now
which is taller than I am
and would do it whether you were helping her or not
(which tended to freak me out...I keep picturing broken limbs)

So we decided as her birthday gift
we (with the help of family) would add a lower level
that was more friendly for 2 year olds
and of course still appealing to a 4 year old

The unstained wood is the addition
plus the yellow slide
the very bottom portion can now be storage
for their toys..or a secret hideout
(if you aren't afraid of spiders)

We wanted to do something different than a ladder
so we went with this plank/rope combo
and yes it reminds me of a dog plank...but the girls love it
and I have no fear of Nolee falling

We added a steering wheel
which was the only dang accessory left at the store
since this was the end of the summer
but the girls love it
and drive their fort all around the town :)

We also added a table/bench
which they love for their pretend meals also is a great hiding spot (and is a safe neutral zone)
for when the big monster is out & about
(monster = Scott hunched over like the hunchback of Notre Dame
moaning and walking with a very distinct's freaking hilarious)

Oh...and by we (throughout this entire post) I mean Scott
I was in charge of the ideas on this one
and he was in charge of putting it all together

When we told her this was her birthday present
her face lit up so bright
and then they played & pretended for hours

We plan on staining next summer
to match the rest of the set
and who knows...maybe we'll add on again in a few years :)

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  1. Oh my gosh Saby this is amazing and a kids dream cone true!! I love what you guys you added and the little picnic table is perfect!! You have such a great yard for playing.