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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Little Things

This morning we woke up
to sounds of giggles on the baby monitor
in Lilly's room

and yes I realize she is 4 years old
& right down the hall
but ever since she had her seizures
the monitor has stayed in her room
...she will probably be a teenager
before we remove it :).

So Scott went to check it out
and found Nolee
in Lilly's room
in Lilly's bed
sitting on Lilly

When Scott asked her what she was doing
she said
"Jus looking"
& started giggling again

And that is how I found them all
this morning at 6:15 am
in Lilly's room
in the dark
all three laughing

and my first thought was
that I have the most wonderfully blessed life ever :).

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