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Thursday, October 27, 2011


So we signed Lilly up for gymnastics
this semester
She is learning how to do somersaults
jump on the trampoline
and walk on the balance beam

The balance beam has been a love/hate relationship so far
some days she loves it
and some days she hates it so much she cries if she has to do it

So being the loving father he is
Scott took her and practiced the "beam" after school
he put the weight bench up on two large boxes
and had her practice walking across
& jumping down
I got to see the proof on his phone camera

The next time at gymnastics she rocked that beam
she may still have needed to hold her coaches hand
but there were no tears, only smiles
and she was so proud of herself

If she gets nothing else out of this experience
I hope she realizes what a great father she has
who will always be there for her
to help her conquer her fears

Here's some pics from parent night

This one so wanted to join in on the fun
and had a great time playing & jumping
on the mats 

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