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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Day for Us

I have been wanting to go to IKEA for some time now
I have never been (I know!) and I've just heard it's amazing
So one of our vacation days got earmarked for just this!

We dropped the girls off at daycare
drove the 2 1/2 hours to THE store
and then walked around in awe for 3 hours

We have SO many ideas now
and I think Scott completely planned out his man cave in his head
I'm already itching to go back :)

I love these industrial lights

Scott thought this would be cool against the back wall downstairs
and I'm loving all the books, games, etc we coudl store in there!

I was digging this storage/computer wall unit  

The littlest things were so neat
like this under the counter mounted rod

This is Scott's ultimate man cave look
all walls covered in book cases
so maybe it would be more of a library than man cave
but I LOVE the idea!

Is this not the cutest little baby chair?
I thought it would be perfect for my parent's cottage
and it completely folds up!

If I had more wall space in my kitchen
I would definitely be trying this idea out

This is the coolest wine bottle holder I've ever seen
and I am still kicking myself for not picking one up at $10 a pop!

This is THE sink
as in my dream sink, and it will someday be in my house
and I will love it and cherish it and do dishes at it happily ever after

These nightlights were the neatest things
We picked up the flower one for the girl's room
although now I wish we would have gotten the moon one
for Nolee's room
She is obsessed with the moon

We did get a few things for the house...

I got this new rug for the kitchen

I recovered the dining chairs with this fabric
which is not from IKEA
it was actually a Target shower curtain
1 shower curtain did all 6 chairs with material left over
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern and the fact it was only $20

And this little dodad was the reason we made the trip in the first place
I love that we now have more room to hang all the girl's master pieces!

We actually got 2 of them
but we (I) have big plans for the kitchen/living room
painting the entire room(s), chalkboard wall, backsplash
maybe new countertops, maybe painting cabinets...we are
still in the discussion (convincing Scott) phase right now
so we are holding off on putting the second one up

My brother & sister-in-law may be headed there soon
as they plan on doing some renovating themselves
and I'm already starting my list to send with them!

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