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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Human Body

So one of our nightly routines are the books before bed
One of Lilly's favorites is The Human Body book

It's a nice book that goes over everything
in very understandable (kid friendly)terms
it explains how we have different color hair, eyes, & skin
it shows pictures of your muscles, bones & organs
(but not in a graphic way)

It also talks about (& includes pictures)
of the different stages of pregnancy
as in what the baby looks like at 1 month, 2 months, etc.

Scott read this book to Lilly the night before
my sister-in-law's baby shower
and I'm not sure if they got into a detailed discussion
on when the baby is ready to come out
but this is what Lilly told Brit at the shower

Lilly:  "Did you know that soon baby G will be head down
and ready to come out, cuz when the baby is head down
that's how you know they are ready to come out."

Brit:  (laughing & looking at me) "What do you guys teach her?!?"

It just goes to show that a 4 year old absorbs everything...
in a very literal manner :).

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  1. Her daddy is a science nerd, of course we had a detailed discussion, but not overly detailed.