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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pretender

So Lilly has always loved to play pretend
and she is very good at creating her own
very detailed worlds
and she is usually (always)
very adamant that we all participate

She likes to be the leader
and (sometimes not so nicely)
tell us all what we should be doing
in her pretend world

She can be very bossy
sometimes manipulative (in a 4 year old way)
Oh Nolee you don't want to just give me that
toy you are playing with...well look at this pretty block.
It's sooo much more fun to play with than the toy you have right now.
Do you want to trade?
and again we have no idea where she gets these traits
(and yes I can see my husband roll his eyes at this)
but we love our little bossy Lilly & all that she is
and love all the laughs she gives us
and boy did she give us a good one yesterday

So we went to church yesterday
We have not been to church in a looong time
but are trying to get better at that
and I know this is a sad excuse
but we have our reasons (and questions)
and wow that could be an entirely different, very long post

Anyway after church
we went over to my parent's
and I overheard Lilly, Nolee & Logan playing downstairs
and in true & typical Lilly fashion
I hear her say "Okay now this is what we are going to play"

I started to walk away thinking nothing of it
until I heard what came next...
Lilly:  "I am God and you two have to do what I say"

Obviously we have to do a better job of explaining things...:)

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