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Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Mine

So between the bazillion loads of laundry
we did yesterday we did a little
mini photo session for valentines day

I got to utilize my new chalkboard wall

We had the girls pick out a fun dress
and I'm not sure who initiated adding the boots
but they were fun so we went with it

I'm having them hold out their arms
so I can cut little slits by their hands & stick a sucker through

I totally stole the idea from Scott's cousin Katie (genius!)
but it was just so cute I had to give it a shot

to be honest this is the reaction I got most of the time

By this point Lilly was about done
so we told her to do some silly faces 

This one just completely cracks me up

Next up was Nolee

We did NOT tell her to do this
This is just our Nolee being her little ol self :)

She kind of reminds me of Matilda (from the movie Matilda
with Danny DeVito & Mara Wilson) in that dress

Happy Early Valentine's Day!!


  1. OHMYGOSH these are just adorable and I love the boots with the dresses!! What a fun way to do a valentine.

  2. These are such cute, cute, cuuuuute photos!! I love this idea for a Valentine's photo.

    And nice chalk wall too!!