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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just one of the many reasons

So from all the projects going on at our house
and my brothers there is some extra wood laying around

I have totally been meaning to get started on some decorations
for the new lighter/brighter kitchen/living room
but I started taking a class (eeek!) for work
and I haven't had too many free moments lately

Oh and on a side note
it is totally freaking me out to take a class
as I haven't taken a class since college
which was ooh about 11 years ago!

So one day while I was taking a nap with Nolee
Scott took Lilly out in the garage
and they built a bird house

She helped design it and even got to use the finishing nailer
She was so proud when she showed it off

And she wasn't the only one...
I am so lucky to have such a great guy
who not only lets me get a nap in here and there
but who loves to be so involved with our kids

I tell you what
I don't know if there is anything I find more attractive
about a man than that
(well maybe when they vacuum or do the laudry...ha ha)

Then after they built it
Lilly got to decorate it

Those birds are going to have one colorful new dwelling place :).

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