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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Re-purposing current decorations

So when we re-painted the living room
from deep Burgundy to lighter & brighter grayish/taupe
Our current decorations kind of looked out of place

So I am trying to not just go out & buy all new
but either re-purpose what we have
or make it myself

On the old walls we had a picture I had picked up at TJ Maxx
about 2 years ago...when we painted the first time :).

I still liked it, but it just felt a bit dark in the room now
it's the one on the left

So instead of just storing it downstairs
or putting it in the garage sale pile
I figured I could take it apart, play with it &
make it work with a lighter feel

First I painted the frame white
and the inerds (which was a plasticy insert made to look like metal)
a hammered metal I had on hand in the garage

Then I played around with different pictures

Here I tried it with different maps

Next I put in pictures from our family photo session with Carrie House

Scott voted for the photos
So I grabbed the mod podge
and just started gluing them on
(the pictures are just printed off from our printer)

Oh and then I decided the middle was too dark
and lightened that up as well
...still might need another coat

Here it is on our 1 finished wall (the others are still blank)
I love the green & blue picture frames
but I don't necessarily love them in that room so who knows they may
 change color again before this is all said and done :)

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