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Monday, February 20, 2012


So all last week my little Nolee has been sick
She caught that nasty noravirus that is going around
She wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink and just plain felt awful

Thankfully by the end of the week she was coming around
and I'm so happy to say she is back to her crazy cheerful self now
(of course Lilly puked on Saturday so who knows
we may be starting all over)

So I was off for 3 days last week
and in between comforting, disinfecting & entertaining
a 2 year old, I decided it was time Nolee had a big girl bed
I was willing to do anything to see that dimpley grin of hers and cheer her up

She has had her toddler bed for almost a year now
so with her helping and giving directions
I took down her old bed and grabbed one of the twin beds from
Lilly's room.  She told me right where she wanted it & helped me
assemble the rest of the room as well.

Right after we finished she gave me a HUGE hug & had the biggest
smile on her face.  She even felt well enough to play in her "new" big girl
room before she conked out.

We removed the closet doors so she would have more room to play
as her room is tiny - like 10x10 tiny

Now she has room for all her doll stuff
Right after we finished she got all the dolls out,
gave them baths and put them to bed :)

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