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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Lighter & Brighter Kitchen!

So we have been working like crazy here
I've been wanting to re-decorate our kitchen for some time
and I've been pinning inspiration ideas like crazy

Side note - one of the things that I may love the most about pinterest
is the fact that I now can basically show Scott the ideas in my head
instead of spending hours trying to explain it while he
just looks at me like I am crazy
(or gives up and just nods his head)

So after much heated discussion we opted
to NOT paint the cabinets
Scott likes them just they way they are
(I would like them white...)
and since we were re-decorating a kitchen
"that looks perfectly fine as is"  (Scott's words)
and my wonderful husband is helping me
I figured I better pick my battles

Plus he does have a good point...
they are not builder's grade.
They are very nice...and it's a TON of work
and after painting the kitchen, living room, back splash, chalkboard wall
I am done

So anyway we re-painted
put up a bead board back splash (LOVE)
and I did get my chalkboard wall
Which Lilly has now claimed as hers...
as in I'm not allowed to draw past a certain point

So here is what we started with

Not bad...but a bit dark

So here is what it looks like today
(well only after I cleaned off all the counterops is never really this clean)

Ohh do you see my new rug by the sink
I have never spent $40 on a rug (remember I am cheap)
but that thing is like heaven under my feet while doing dishes
Even Scott was impressed and didn't even blink at the price tag
Still gotta change out that nasty ceiling light 

 I had just enough fabric left over from re-covering the chairs
to do a curtain for the window - yaaa!

We replaced the annoying vertical blinds
that keep out pretty much no light, don't run on the track smoothly
and basically just tick me off most days
with Lenda curtains from IKEA

You can see Scott's under mounted lights in this picture
This was totally his favorite part
I do have to admit I like them a lot too

And here is our Lilly's chalkboard wall 

I still have decorations to put back up,
gotta get to that ceiling light,
would love a new sink,
and some cool vintage metal bar stools
but all of that can wait

I love that I now have a brighter, lighter more cheery kitchen :)
The bead board adds just enough white to make this girl happy
and I'm so happy I have a husband who is willing to go along
with my crazy ideas :).


  1. Saby it is beautiful! I love the chalkboard wall with the gigantic calendar! I so need one of those. The beadboard back splash is great, we have one too. :) And I love the table and the chairs are gorgeous! You have such a great layout in your house.

  2. scott...i have to disagree about the lights, BUT i must say i am impressed with your DIY skills! haha. i love, love, love the chalkboard wall! hope all is well! xoxo