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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2nd Session of Gymnastics

Lilly is in her 2nd session of gymnastics
and loving every minute of it

Scott took her to "watch" night and was able
to get a ton of great pictures

She was such a ham and waved at every opportunity

She was SUPER competitive when it came to the races
here she is checking to make sure she is ahead
seriously she HAS to win - yesterday we went for a walk
with the girls in the stroller and she would tell Scott to hurry up
(he was pushing her) if Nolee & I got ahead...
and since I am SUPER competitive as well...this just makes me smile
and makes Scott shake his head :)

Going in for the high-five

She however needs to work on skipping
which with the weather being beautiful & 70s
(in March, in MI, which means we dragging out our shorts)
we should have plenty of opportunities to have some skipping
races of our own outside

She had a little difficulty getting up on the horse

This by far is my favorite picture
Her coach is showing her how to "finish"

She loved the ball/box pit

Hamming it up again

Here they got to jump off the un-even bars into another box pit

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