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Friday, March 23, 2012


Scott has begun coaching for junior high boys track season
and since Lilly is going to school this year
he has a new assistant

a short one, who may spend more time
in the sandbox long jump pit building
castles than actually helping, but hey beggers
can't be choosers ;)

I was asking Lilly yesterday how she liked track practice
and she told me this...

Lilly:  I like it.
Me:  Do you get to hang out with a bunch of kids?
(she LOVES hanging out with the older kids after school)
Lilly:  Yes...(she kind of blushed here)...especially the one I LOVE.
Me:  first my jaw just dropped and as I tried to gather my wits I was able to
mutter... "Oh...really"

Me:  So who is this guy you love?
Lilly:  I don't know his name (as she rolls her eyes at me)
but I play games on his iphone all the time
Me:  Well that is nice of him...  So how do you know
you love him?
Lilly:  Because he is funny and goofy...just like me!

So at 4 we have her first crush
I really didn't think something like this would hit until
at least 4th grade (and was hoping for 5th or 6th)

Scott assures me that it's more of a she really likes him
as a big brother type crush rather than all that kissy mushy type crushes
that hopefully come MUCH later.

I find this hilarious (but I have a weird sense of humor)
at 4 relationships are all about the gadgets
but names don't matter
and I'm kind of proud that she is more into personality than looks
 (although this unnamed iphone owning guy may be hot as hot can be)

I am laughing, proud & totally scared for what our future holds
(and what Mommy will have to handle) with this one :).

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