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Friday, March 2, 2012

Storage Oh Glorious Storage!!

After we painted the living room/kitchen
and re-arranged the furniture set up,
the cabinet that housed our TV
DVDs, and all that good stuff
felt dwarfed and out of place

Plus it kind of just blended into the white half wall
mehhhh & blah are the words that come to mind

I still love that little antique cabinet
with all it's curves and details
and plan on finding a spot for it downstairs

I know that I could have re-painted
to pop against the white wall
but for all it's prettiness & curves
it doesn't have a lot to offer in the storage department
and with 2 little ones under the age of 5
we were in dire need of storage
and I wanted pretty storage...if that was possible

We talked about built ins
we talked about Expedit Shelves from Ikea
EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA The high gloss surfaces reflect light and give a vibrant look. Finished on all sides.  Can also be used as a room divider.
or even Billy Bookcases made to look like built ins
BILLY Bookcase IKEA Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.
like this lovely lady did at MiniManor

We liked all these ideas, but the main problem is
we live 3 hrs from the nearest IKEA...and with gas prices
that would kind of defeat the cost savings
and to be honest we don't get 6 hrs we can blow
without the kids very often...and the idea of 6hrs
in the car with the girls kind of makes me shudder
as they think the ride to town (25 min) seems long

We talked about building them ourselves
and both really liked the idea...but didn't know when
we would have the time as I'm taking a class
and after I work all day, then spend time with the girls
put them to bed, I study...
and of course as soon as my class is done
Scott is starting up coaching for track season
which means his extra time will be nil

One day while browsing the aisle in Target
I found the solution with their 6 cube Horizontal Organizer
Target Home 6 Cube Horizontal Organizer.Opens in a new window
I liked the look, loved the baskets & oh man just look at all
that wonderful storage and best of all - it's pretty!

After work on Friday I convinced Scott
and the girls to go to Target with me to "just look" at it
(yeah just look totally means BUY with me...but I have to
ease Scott into going to the store first before I do my pitch)

Scott actually really liked the look of the cubes
and even found this while we were browsing the aisles
Z-Line Designs Remington TV Stand - Mocha.Opens in a new window
He liked the idea of the electronics being covered & protected
from dust and bonus for me that it offered even more storage

So we did the math while standing there
trying to contain 2 kids who were absolutely DONE
with Target and sitting still in a cart in the same aisle
while Mommy & Daddy hemmed & hawed over furniture
WARNING - never do math in this situation

According to our "math" we could just fit
2 horizontal cubes & the entertainment center
so we loaded it up and got it home...
measured with an actual tape measure
& realized we were waaay off.

But my lovely husband volunteered to run back to Target
after the girls were in bed to switch out the horizontal cubes
Target Home 6 Cube Vertical Organizer.Opens in a new window
(cuz you can't just flip the horizontal ones
up...they don't work that way).

Wow...long story but in the end this is what we have

Just look at all that storage!

I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy these cubes were
they are heavy!

These baskets are awesome and offer so much "pretty" storage

apparently I have an obsession with Nora Roberts books...

I love that the girl's toys are now readily at hand
but so prettily hidden when not in use

Oh and I put the TV stand together all by myself and it was
by far the best store bought put together piece of furniture I have
encountered.  The directions were awesome, it's very sturdy
(like I can sit on it without worrying about breaking it sturdy)
and best of all they included EXTRA screws, bolts, etc!

And the drawers hold a crazy amount of DVDs

Now I just have to work on the "art" for the walls
cuz the picture above the TV now looks pint sized

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